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Carrie Foster is a native Californian. She entered an art contest in 2nd grade on a lark and won 1st place, against students in all the other schools in Orange County. That win launched her into the world of art.

Carrie spent many years studying art, starting with oil painting in grammar school at a local private art gallery and continuing self-taught into her professional career. She took a hiatus from her work as a young adult, but returned to painting after her son was born and has been practicing her art ever since. She has painted murals, plastered modellos on walls and ceilings, and created sculptures and other artwork in homes all over San Diego County. Most recently, she painted several K-rails on Escondido’s Grand Avenue as part of the Beautify Escondido project.

Carrie’s current passion is the animal world. She uses clay to create portrait-style relief sculptures of animals and beloved pets, then paints them to create unique, realistic works of art. She loves to create art for our veteran community, especially those with Service Dogs. She has donated several art pieces over the years to organizations such as the San Diego Zoo, Next Step Service Dogs, and Global Conservation Force (an anti-poaching organization).

Carrie likes to push the limits of her talents and whatever medium she chooses. She reinvents herself and her style every few years. Her work combines the skills and techniques she has amassed over her lifetime: oil and acrylic painting, plastering, tromp l'oeil, sculpting, color blending, and her amazing attention to detail. There’s no telling where she’ll go next.

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