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Art Pricing Guidelines

Bas-relief sculpture, framed


Prices start at:


One subject / headshot / minimal background / finished piece fits frame size


5” by 7” $300.00+

8” by 10” $500.00+

11” by 14” $600.00+

16” by 20” $800.00+


Prices increase based on more complex details and custom choices such as:


-Two or more subjects

-Adding sculpted collars, tags, painting on backgrounds etc.

-Adding personal items such as collars, cremains etc.

-Larger custom frames


Once a price is agreed upon, I will need your best-quality digital photos emailed to me. The higher the photo resolution the better. Several is best, but one can do. We will discuss any details you may want and agree on a price and delivery date. I’ll send you the invoice to confirm our agreement.


I will email/text you on the progress of your piece. 

I provide progress photos after delivery.


I pride myself in coming up with ways to fit most budgets and I stand by my work 100%. I ask for no deposit. Payment is due when your piece is delivered and you are completely happy with it.  

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